Who arms India’s occupation in Kashmir?

Since 1950, India has imported the largest volume of arms in the entire world.

Spending on arms has escalated since India’s right-wing government came to power in 2014. The two countries that send India the most weapons to enable the ongoing occupation in Kashmir are Israel and the United States.

The History of Indo-Israel Arms Sales.

Arms sales from Israel to India began in earnest in 1992 with the collapse of the Soviet Union, a long-time ally and weapons supplier to India. The stream grew following the 1999 Kargil War during which Israel provided key ammunition to India.

Growing Indo-Israeli Military and Intelligence Ties.

Robust arms sales have led to increased cooperation between the militaries and intelligence agencies of India and Israel: Since 2001, at least 8 defense chiefs from Israel and India have visited the other country. The “national security apparatuses brainstorm together on internal security…” and even have a “Joint Working Group on Counter-Terrorism” that was established in 2002. The Indian Navy regularly conducts port visits to the Israeli city of Haifa and has even conducted “passage exercises” with the Israeli Navy.

Israeli Outreach in Other Sectors.

Israel has also parlayed its growing arms trade with India into other sectors.

The Indo-American Arms Trade in Recent Years.

The weapons that the US supplies to India are used to occupy, kill, and suppress Kashmiris. Major sales of American arms to India began even before Narendra Modi was elected Prime Minister in 2014. Direct arms sales from America to India have grown despite the State Department’s reports about India’s assault on religious minorities, the press, and the judiciary. In the last five years alone, the U.S. government has delivered hundreds of aircrafts, missiles, and bombs to India.

India continues to get away with purchasing weapons to commit mass murder and war crimes in Kashmir.

Since 1947, the Indian occupation forces in Kashmir have killed an estimated 100,000 Kashmiris and have made Kashmir the most militarized region on Earth. The ratio of Indian personnel to Kashmiri civilians is 1:10.



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