This woman is older than the Indian state. At age 108, India is evicting her from her home.

Zooni Begum at her village in central Kashmir’s Budgam (Photo Credit: Stand with Kashmir).

“Where will we go at this age, after living here for 150 years?” Zooni said. “My father was more than 100. I remember the names of my great-grandfathers, too, who lived here.”

Zooni Begum, 108 (Photo Credit: Stand with Kashmir)

The government claims that more than 63,000 people are illegally occupying 15,000 hectares of forest land in Kashmir. Earlier this year, the government demolished more than a dozen huts of a tribal community as part of the eviction program. Also in the Budgam area, locals in Kanidajan village reported the government chopping 10,000 apple trees in an attempt to remove residents.

Photo Credit: Stand with Kashmir



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